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Technically sophisticated recent engineering graduate with comprehensive experience in 3D CAD design, technical research, and component fabrication. Proven ability to effectively collaborate with developers and research teams to innovate and solve difficult aeronautic and astronautic situations. Broad knowledge and success in electrical wiring diagram creation, wire sizing, connector selection, and installation of cable harnesses. Expert communicator with the ability to convey complex technical information and project specifications. Fluent in English and Chinese.

About Me

My history of academic and professional success stems from ability to effectively analyze an engineering situation and propose innovative and ground-breaking solutions while collaborating with a team. As I earned my education, I earned a reputation among faculty and students for being a strong leader, a problem solver, and uniquely driven to solve any obstacle in front of me.

Teachers, staff, students, and managers enjoy working with me because I point them in the direction of the best good, services, and resources for their needs. When none are available, I have been known to fabricate what was needed for a given project.

My Skills

  • Engineering
  • Blue Prints
  • CAD Tools
  • Control Systems
  • Documentation
  • Laser Cutter
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My Education

University of Washington - 2017

Aeronautics & Astronautics



  • 2016 - 2017
    Research Assistant
    University of Washington
  • 2014 - 2015
    Math Tutor
    Shoreline Community College
  • 2014
    Quality Inspector (Internship)
    Longan YUE Industrial Co. Ltd

My Success Stories

Wechat image 20170731153112 Supersonic Cruise Capstone Project

Collaborated with a team of cross functional engineering students to design, build, test, and fly a model aircraft based on specifications supplied by Boeing. Designed and fabricated such components as the leading-edge flap, servo position determination, and complete electrical system using 3D printers and laser cutter. ▪ Redesigned the outboard wing to be 20% lighter than the previous year’s model, but just as strong. ▪ Conceptualized and fabricated an AoA sensor that determines the angle of attack without creating friction and designed the sensor using Hall effect sensor and magnet.

Image from front Paralander Project

Served as the team lead and electrical engineer to design and create a self-navigating lander that uses two servos to control the parafoil. Integrated sensors such as GPS, pressure, and differential pressure. Tasked with writing weekly summary reports and submitting them to the professor. ▪ Utilized GPS and pressure data to write code in Arduino that was used to self-navigate the lander onto a given location.

My Resume